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    Professor Bao
    2016.1, 2015 Ten Emerging Star Scientists in China.
    Haiyan Gao and Larry Carin
    2015.8, Haiyan Gao(Duke Experimental Nuclear Physics Professor) and Larry Carin(Duke Vice Provost for Research), visiting us.
    Vladimir Bulovic and Moungi Bawendi
    2015.5, Vladimir Bulovic(MIT EECS Professor, Associate Dean of Engineering) and Moungi Bawendi(MIT Lester Wolfe Professor in Chemistry), visiting us.
    Professor Harry Atwater
    2015.5 Professor Harry Atwater, Professor of the California Institute of Technology, visiting our group.
    Workshop on Nanophotonics
    2015.2 The group presenting work at the workshop on Nanophotonics in Tel Aviv, Israel, interactions with Prof. John Pendry, Prof. Nader Engheta, Mr. Shelley Harrison, et al., and tour to Jerusalem and Mediterranean beach.
    Professor Michael Gozin
    2014.9 Professor Michael Gozin, Professor of Tel Aviv University, visiting our group.
    Professor Nai-Chang Yeh
    2014.8 Professor Nai-Chang Yeh, Professor of California Institute of Technology, visiting our group.
    Professor Moungi Bawendi
    2014.4 Professor Moungi Bawendi, Professor of MIT, visiting our group.